This Weeks Fashion Calander: NYC

TUESDAY 7/24 Join Elena V Designs and Momentum for a limited edition fitness collection runway show. The evening will feature special dance performances by contemporary mambo dancers and Bernardo de la Vega. Copacabana, 268 W. 47th St. at 8th Ave.; RSVP to; Tickets $10 online, $15 at the door; 7pm.

WEDNESDAY 7/25 Meet Shiseido’s celebrity and expert makeup artist, Dawn Hilarczyk. Learn how to create a distinct and natural look. Bloomingdales, 1000 Third Ave., at 59th St.; Call 212-705-2890 to reserve your appointment; 11am–7pm.

THURSDAY 7/26 Find your perfect Dior scents with an interactive perfume consultation. Take home samples of your favorite fragrances and enjoy a custom Dior lip color application. Walk-ins welcome; appointments recommended. Sephora, 130 W. 34th St. bt. 7th Ave. and Broadway; (212-629-9135); 9am–9pm.

Network and feast in style at the BusyBites Food and Fashion evening. Meet restaurant and fashion entrepreneurs over catering from Kumquat Cupcakes and Greensquare Tavern. Wix Lounge, 10 W. 18th St., 2nd fl.; (646-862-0833); RSVP in advance; 6–9.

ONGOING Through 7/29 Sculpt beautiful brows at the Clarins Skin Spa with the Rejuvination Treatment. Appointment features a mini-facial, expert brow wax and finishing touch make-up application for $50. Receive a special Clarins Skin Spa gift with any Clarins purchase over $125, while supplies last. Bloomingdales, 1000 Third Ave., at 59th St.; Call 212-705-2891 to reserve your appointment; M–Sa 10am–8:30pm, Su 11am–7pm.

Through 8/19 Discover the similarities between two famous Italian designers and admire some of their most iconic ensembles at the Metropolitan Museum of Art ’s “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations” exhibit. Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Ave., at 82nd St. (212-879-5500); T–Th (9:30–5:15), F-Sa (9:30–8:45), Su (9:30–5:15).

Through 9/30 See the inspiration that led to Yayoi Kusama’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton. The artist presents her career-long retrospective, spanning sixty years of work, at the Whitney. Whitney Museum of Art, 945 Madison Ave. nr. 75th St.; (212-570-3600); W-Th (11–6), F (1–9), Sa-Su (11–6).

Through 11/10 Get inspired by highlights from the Collection of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. The two-part showcase includes a selection of masterpieces from over 50,000 garments and accessories since the 1950s. The Museum at FIT, 227 W. 27th St. at Seventh Ave.; (212-217-4558); Tu–F 12–8, Sa 10am–5pm.

Summer layering

Layers aren’t just for winter. It’s about how you wear it, not what you wear. The key is to drape fabrics while leaving a peek of unpresumptuous skin to show. It goes without saying that fabrics such as leather, wool, and knits should be avoided. Opt for light cottons, silk, linen, and rayon; these materials are fairly lightweight and breathable.

Jewelry with an array of colors, textures and patterns can liven up or add some style to casual summer wear. Keep an open mind and throw out the rules, sometimes it’s best to just pile on what you love. Match delicate chains to chunky necklaces. Necklaces should lie at different lengths, so each layer makes a statement. Jewelry is an expression of your personal style, which means the more you experiment; the more comfortable you are with creating your own look.

Carrying a conversation at an event

Are you nervous when you are sent to represent your company at an event? Do you feel anxious when having to spark conversation? You are not alone. Most people have a hard time speaking with people that they do not know. However, public speaking and communication is key when you are looking to advance in a company. Here are a few tips to help you overcome your shyness. Before you know, you will become a communication pro!

1. Smile and be friendly.

2. Be positive. People are drawn to positive people.

3. Use a variety of topics to talk about. It shows that you are well rounded.

4. Be open minded to other people’s point of view.

5. Use your sense of humor. This is an excellent way to start a great conversation. Use good judgement.

6. Show interest when others are speaking.

7. Be willing to learn

8. Be yourself and have fun


Last weeks instagram favs

Five Steps to Getting the Internship: The Unconventional Way

Sometimes you want to make a splash, and you have to bend the rules a bit. Here are five steps to formulating a cool/crazy plan of how to get your dream internship – the unconventional way.

1. Research for Personalities within the Company
Not being a college student can really suck in the internship business sometimes. We recommend doing some intense research on companies that allow underage/overage students to intern. Focus on one person or a small group of people. Make sure that company/person has a reputation of being laid back and fun; Google them until your heart is content. Most importantly, know your audience, because though making a splash can be a great way to get noticed, you can also receive negative feedback if executed the wrong way. We suggest reaching out to people known for their outsize personalities like Mickey Boardman or Robert Verdi, and staying far (far) away from Cathy Horyn and any one who works at Vogue.

2. Investigate their Interest
The internet is a gift from the gods to those who are researching for an internship. Find out what they like to eat, what music they listen to, what hobbies they have, how they dress, what they did before they worked there, where they grew up, where they went to college, etc. Look at their Instagram/Twitter/Viddy accounts. Fin out absolutely everything you can. The more information gathered, the least likely you are to completely screw up when finally making your move.

3. Formulate a Killer Plan
Take what you’ve learned so far about your target and brainstorm ideas. If they went to Northwestern for college, buy a Northwestern t-shirt, ombre dye/stud/rhinestone it and then iron on letters that say: ‘Can I be your Intern?’ Make it cool and something they would want to keep or remember. I know someone who created four intricate hand-made Valentine’s Day cards with a full poem, cover letter and resume inside to send to the editors of her favorite magazine requesting an internship. The feedback was positive because the time spent on the project was apparent. Here’s a hint: If they have Instagramed/tweeted/blogged about something kitschy someone has made them in the past, they are a good choice to reach out to.

Photo: janekeltnerdev Instagram - Jane Keltner de Valle has been known to show some love for those who send her creative messages.

4. Limit the Flash
Yes, you always risk the chance that your favorite stylist might think you are a creepy weirdo, but that’s only if you take it to far. We don’t suggest you mail things to anyone’s home address, don’t add them on Facebook, and don’t wait outside their building. Always keep it professional, because in the end, you want to be seen in a professional light.

5. Follow Up
Two weeks later if you haven’t received a response, shoot them a quick email that should go along the lines of this:

Hey ________,

I just wanted to follow up on my ___________. I would love to be considered for an internship with you this ____________, for I am passionate about working in the _____________ field. Your work has inspired me because of it’s __________________ and an internship with you would be a ___________ opportunity in my eyes.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to being in contact,

Re-attach your original resume and cover letter.

Now that you have most definitely made yourself stand out, it either could be very good or very bad. If executed well, the latter is unlikely.